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Fariba Kamalabadi begins five-day prison furlough

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Fariba Kamalabadi Fariba Kamalabadi

According to Baha'i News Agency report, Fariba Kamal Abadi, one of the leaders of the Baha'i community in Iran, after spending eight years in Evin prison, left the prison on five days furlough.

According to this report Fariba Kamal Abadi earlier on May 14, 2008, was arrested and taken into custody, by the security forces. She is one of the leaders of the Iranian Baha'i community known as the "Yaran" and arrested along with five other Baha'i community leaders at the same time.

According to reports in February 2009, Tehran Security Prosecutor's Office announced her and other Baha'i leaders charges as "espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda against the regime." The court sessions in the winter and spring of 2010 held in the 28th branch of Tehran's Revolutionary Court under " Judge Moghiseh." "Mahnoz Parakand," the lawyer, in this case, referred to many limitations to meet with her clients and defend them, on charges of spying for Israel, she said: "the International Baha'i offices, The Universal House of Justice, is located in Israel. They were referring to the fact that Israel does not tax the Universal House of Justice, this means you (the defendants) in exchange for this are spying for Israel. The arguments were mostly of this kind."

Fariba Kamal Abadi on August 8, 2010, was sentenced to twenty years in prison while she accepted to any of the charges. According to the decree, each member of the group "Yaran of Iran" sentenced to twenty years in prison for a total of 140 years’ incarceration. On September 15, 2010, the Court of Appeal after eliminating the charges of spying and collaborating with Israel, reduced the sentence to 10 years. This verdict delivered orally to Mrs. Kamal Abadi's lawyer. However, the Appeal Court’s decision was recognized in contradiction with the Islamic law, by the Iran's Prosecutor General and her sentence as well as the other six members of Iran Yaran raised to 20 years and it was officially announced.

But after seven and a half years of the Iranian Baha'i community leaders serving the sentence, it reduced to 10 years in prison.

Fariba Kamal Abadi was moved several times in different penitentiaries. She remained in Evin Prison since her arrest. On August 8, 2010, along with the other Baha'i leaders transferred to Rejai Shahr Prison. Following the dissolution of the women's ward in the Rejai Shahr Jail on May 3, 2011, along with "Mahvash Sabet," one of the other leaders of the Iranian Baha'i community transferred to "Gharachak Prison of Varamin." Two weeks later they have moved to the women's ward of Evin Prison once again. She is now in Evin Prison serving the 10-year in a prison sentence and for the first time in the last eight years, she is on leave.


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