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Danial Kheradmand, Baha’i Citizen, Expelled from University

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According to the BahaiNews, Danial Kheradmand, a Baha’i resident of Tehran, secured admission to the University of Sari as an accounting major. He has been expelled from the university because he is a Baha’i.

Based on a report from the BahaiNews, Danial Kheradmand, student number 95211138155005, was admitted to Sari University on 10 September 2016; from the first of October of the same year he attended classes as an accounting major. His name was removed from the student list in the first week of this month.

A source to this student who has been deprived of higher education said, “Danial Kheradmand has been expelled from university because he is a Baha’i. After following up the case with the university administration, he was told that the university was asked to stop cooperating with him.”

During the current year at least 129 Baha’i students, after successfully passing the University Entrance Exam (Concours) in 2016, were prevented from continuing their education because they believe in the Baha’i Faith. At first some of the Baha’is were allowed to continue their studies, but after being identified as Baha’is they were expelled from their universities.

According to a spokesperson from the Baha’i International Community, more than one hundred thousand Baha’i citizens have not been allowed to continue their education in any Iranian University since the Iranian Revolution.

The deprivation of Baha’is of higher education is based on a document, dated the 2nd of February 1991, approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution2. This document states in addition that Baha’is are not permitted to obtain employment in any government establishment, nor allowed to continue their education in higher institutions of learning.

Based on the third paragraph of the document, not only should Baha’is be stopped from registering, but if during their studies they are identified and proven to be Baha’is they must be barred from continuing their education.

Deprivation of Baha’is’ fundamental rights was implemented systematically right after the Iranian Revolution and the Iranian Cultural Revolution.

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