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Bahai student expelled from University in Qazvin

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Bahai News.Faraz Karin-Kani Sisan a Bahai student of civil engineering, has been expelled from university because of his religious beliefs.

He was in the first year of studies at the Alborz Institute of Higher Education (recently recognized as a University).

He received a letter from Dr. Assadullah Asra’i who is named in the letter (under the signature) as the “President” (Chancellor) of the Institute, although the Institute’s web site names Dr. Seyyed Morteza Nourbaksh as President. The letter states that he has been expelled in accordance with a decision of the University’s Security Department, on May 18 this year, that Bahai students cannot continue their education. Mr. Sisan is referred to the University’s Bureau of Education to “settle accounts,” suggesting the possibility of refund of his fees.


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