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Home raid and arrest in Kerman

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Bahai News ,On December 30, security agents in Kerman raided the home of Samir Khalousi and arrested him. Five agents entered his home by breaking down the door.

They searched it throughly and seized a laptop, hard drive, smart phone and books. The raid is described as very violent: Mr. Khalousi was subject to two hours of interrogation and beating in his home, and was taken in handcuffs to the detention facilities operated by the Ministry of Intelligence. His home was left in disorder.

At previously reported, on the morning of December 21, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence in Kerman raided the home of Amrullah Khalqiyan and his wife Fariba Rouhani seizing personal effects, a computer, a laptop and Bahai books, and arrested the couple. In that case, the behaviour of the agents is reported to have been perfectly respectful. Mrs Rouhani was released after a few hours’ questioning, but Mr. Khalqiyan has now been detained for 10 days.

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